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J is the author of the fantasy book Legacy of Power. Ever since she was seven years old J.A. knew she wanted to write books. She is passionate about social justice and mental health issues, so she likes to incorporate these into fantastical worlds and made-up societies. By day she works in IT and by night she weaves stories. She also enjoys practicing martial arts and playing video games. She lives down under in the North Island of New Zealand. 

Note from J.A.:

I fell in love with Jacek and Aleni while telling their story. They are both wounded souls, but very stubborn, which can be a good thing and a bad thing! The world they live in is also wounded, still reeling three hundred years after a devastating war that wiped out an entire race of elves. Jacek descended from the victors of the war, albeit the criminals of those people. Aleni is from the losing side, a twelve-year-old elf kept in a magical stasis since the war, intended to be woken by her family when it was all over. When everyone died however, she was stuck for three hundred years. 

Impressed with the editing?
Check out Kimberly Hunt, Editor
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