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A dying assassin.
An orphaned girl
A savage warlord.


The assassin's time is running out...

...and his only hope is magic.

But magic has been dormant for 300 years, gone along with the elves. When Jacek infiltrates the Warlord Krodon's fortress, he finds more than he's getting paid for. An elf child is locked in the dungeon.

Jacek doesn't trust people. The girl, Aleni, doesn't trust anyone either. But they are each others only hope. 

With a target on their backs, together they run. The warlord wants her. He will kill anyone who gets in his way, including Jacek. 

The only way they'll survive is if they trust each other. Will Jacek tell her the truth? Will Aleni reveal her secret?

Enter the frozen world of Selendria, where it's every man for himself. Go on a death-defying adventure and meet unforgettable characters who fight to redefine what family means.

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